About Power Distribution, Inc.

Corporate Name and Address:

Power Distribution, Incorporated
4200 Oakleys Court
Richmond, Virginia 23223


  • Corporate Offices: (804) 737-9880
  • Toll Free Number: (800) 225-4838
  • Fax Number: (804) 737-1703

Ownership Type:
Publicly traded on London Stock Exchange: SMIN

Founded Date:

Business Type:
Design, Consulting, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service

Parent Company:
Smiths Interconnect

Power Distribution, Incorporated
Onyx Power, Incorporated

Management Team:

  • Rob Sweaney – President
  • Tim Cortes – Chief Technical Officer
  • John Day – Executive Vice President of Sales
  • Theresa Mason – Vice President of Finance
  • Dave Mulholland – Vice President, Marketing and Service

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