PowerWave Bus System Busrail

PowerWave Bus System Busrail Elements
The PowerWave Bus System™ Busrail is Comprised of Five Major Elements

1The Housing – Aluminum Anodized protects the assembly, improves thermal properties, and incorporates the ToughRail Technology™ allowing various support methods, site specific labeling and system communication links, all in the same rail housing.

2The Insulators - Capturing the bus bars, made of Class B 148°C material gives proper surface to phase clearance, an enhanced short circuit capability and an insulating capacity of up to 1000 V.

3The Bus Bars - Vary in thickness depending on ampacity, all bus bars are nickel-plated to resist corrosion and minimize contact resistance and are made of 99% pure electrical grade copper.

4An Integrated Communication Channel - Monitor and manage power at the branch circuit for effective power utilization.

5Isolated Ground Channel - Isolated ground is a built-in option on all bus rail sizes.

What is ToughRail Technology™

ToughRail Technology™ refers to the robust, highly customizable and multi- purposed housing assembly used in our new PowerWave Structured Busway System. Features include:

1Integral Signage Channel - designed for custom labeling of run or area indication markers.

2Optional Color Coded Busrail - to match your facility needs – flat black and clear anodized plus custom colors.

3Integrated Communication Channel - designed for load management at Tap Off Distribution Boxes.

4Isolated Ground Channel - a built-in option on all bus rail sizes.

How Strong is our Busrail with ToughRail Technology™?

The video below which shows a 10 foot (304.8 cm) busrail span with 580 lbs being suspended directly over top the busrail at the Splice Connector.

Flexible Mounting

The PowerWave Bus System™ busrail can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal axes providing a wide range of flexible power distribution.

Overhead Busrail Mounting Options - Horizontal and Vertical

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