Data Center Busway

The PowerWave Bus System™ is specifically designed for the data center and critical power market. Our structured bus design incorporates many new patent pending design features with specific patents driven by our integrated communications capability; our unique Camtough™ structured joint technology and our Toughrail Technology™ supporting busrail. In an industry where up time, reliability, and serviceability are critical, isn’t it time that a structured bus was designed specifically for you?

Busway Features

• Communications
Optional integrated communication through provides all the features used in our power distribution unit or remote distribution units without the foot print and with complete integration to our current Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) Hub.

• Reliability
Tested at up to 200% of rating – our PowerWave Toughrail Technology™ is built to last.

• Traceability
Clearly defined distribution with zero footprint allows for easy visible tracing of circuits.

• Re-configurability
Move it, re-use it, add to it, or change direction – all this without any waste, and all with only minor disruption.

• Configurable
Lay it out, change your mind, move an aisle … no problem – everything is easier with a distributed bus system.

• Low Heat Source
Heat is an electrical systems killer. So by reducing its concentration within a distributed power system, heat is more easily distributed throughout with no hot spots.

• Recycle
Made of 99% recyclable, environment-friendly components.

• Tap Off Units
Continuous bus allows for distribution of power tap off points at any location along the system with tap offs added or removed at any time. (Proper safety procedure should always be used when working on live components.)

• Load-Specific
Tap Off Units are completely configurable to meet your load demands, and specific load requirements including monitoring.

• Visual Installation Indicators
Our system is designed so that there are visible installation features that allow you to check that your configuration is securely installed prior to start up.