Lab Busway

The PowerWave Bus System makes power distribution in labs easy and completely re-configurable. Tired of the downtime associated with rebuilding your labs internal power grid each time you have a new requirement? Our easy to install tap off distribution boxes and continuous run busrail with ToughRail Technology make changes quicker and more affordable than traditional cable and conduit solutions.

Cost Savings:
PowerWave Bus System tap off distribution boxes can be installed by your personnel instead of having to hire and schedule an electrician each time a new power run is needed. The modularity and flexibility of the entire solution makes for an almost unlimited number of internal power grid configurations in your laboratory.

Eco Friendly Solution:
Not only is the PowerWave Bus System made up of 99% recyclable components, but it can be taken down, reconfigured and re-used. Standardized components extend the lifecycle of the solution, for example, a tap off box originally built for a 160 amp rated busway can be installed into a 400 amp busway as the busrail and tap off box share common components and critical dimensions.

Overall, the PowerWave Bus System is a proven solution that enables your lab or laboratory a simple way to add, re-locate or remove power and is available is sizes ranging from 160 – 800 amps.