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Date(s) - Dec 11 2012
7:00 AM - 7:30 PM


Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre


DatacenterDynamics Converged pulls together the people, processes and technology necessary to execute a world class data center strategy under one roof.

Dallas appears to be emerging as a choice destination for data center colocation operators and realtors. The market is developing their reputation as a place that is oriented towards efficiencies and innovative design. It also is a market that has unique characteristics that must be considered for both facility and IT data center professionals. However, factors such as the progression of electrical systems, tier systems, and requirements for infrastructure redundancy have prompted the sector in Dallas to stay current on the direction of the industry in the southwest.

When a data center is built in Texas it must withstand a Class 3 tornado or major floods. Weather patterns in the region dictate data center strategy. Green power is becoming more of a key issue in the area as power usage is taken more and more into account. Designing for such challenging circumstances requires end users and operators to understand how new monitoring systems can manage power usage while protecting against power failure in mission critical environments.

Other major issues such as heating and cooling solutions, rack and cable management, and state-of-the-art modular systems beg the question: what are the best practices that data center professionals need to implement? These are the very questions that DCD Converged Dallas will address. Other challenges facing the Texas and southwest market include power usage, energy efficiency, the coordination of outsourced and build projects, architecture trends in building design, cost control, facility upgrades, the latest cutting edge technologies, standards, and Big C data center design certification are also major considerations. Find out what the ROI benefits are for certain approaches to the process of data center operations in Dallas.

With 70% of DCD attendees responsible for the direction, tactical management, and operational implementation of their data center strategy we are continually evolving our conference programmes to meet growing information needs.

No matter what a your role is in the data center value chain, you will benefit from the insight of the world’s industry-leading practitioners presenting case studies or technical papers on how to optimise internal and external IT requirements from a facility, IT, and business perspective.

Our hallmark multi-track conferences are supported by a unique expo environment where vendors are encouraged to exhibit often sizeable infrastructure products and make software demonstrations.

Data center professionals can no longer confine themselves to traditional disciplines and demarcated responsibilities. The siloed and often fractious relationship between Facilities and IT is being challenged at every turn. The battle for optimization is being fought where physical and logical infrastructure meet, and Cloud infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service become a reality.

For more information please visit the Datacenter Dynamics Dallas event website.